e-Commerce Lessons and mentoring

Australia currently boasts one of the highest rates of per-user digital ad spend in the world - Signal.co

Back in the day, CEOs were very keen on upskilling their knowledge with one on one, closed-door private lessons in digital marketing.  They often had limited time and they were one-offs and with a follow-up.  These days, this kind of service is no longer in much demand.
Now I work with sole trader owners to the occasion CEOs or founders, but mainly in the area of start-ups.

Lesson planning

There are a number of subjects I can teach an individual or a company however, each lesson block is unique, but it does not need to be too complicated.  As long as you have these three points in mind, my lessons will run smoothly:

– What is the aim of the lessons?

– Breakdown in the training schedule

– Follow-up evaluations and possible refresher courses to be scheduled at a later date.


Whether you a CEO of a company or a business owner, it is important to stay abreast of digital development in your field. 

After we establish your current knowledge and how you want to upskill your cognitive thinking, in terms of digital marketing.  I will provide you with the guidance that you need to learn at your own pace with scheduled evaluations and discussions until you are satisfied with knowledge or skill development.