social media advertising account management

Businesses need to rethink the purpose of Social Media!
Do not fixate on likes and followers, focus on getting more store visitors and sales conversions.

social media means sales!

The image on the right is one of my most popular images via Instagram and also, it’s far from one of my best photos. 

Before spending money on advertisement, we work with clients to maximise engagement on organic and non-monetize posts.

A good example would be the results of my first client account, with just 10 euros we had a sales conversion of 1,400% within the first day!

targeting the right market

This is screenshot of a client’s website analytics, through social media we managed to increased sales by 500% and reduced cost per click (CPC) by continually testing target audience.

We are so confident in our marketing, for some clients we charge a commission of sales from lead generation, instead of charging a  monthly fee.  It can become very costly option for your business, but we know our advertising creates leads and sales!

Limited clientele for better service

Since we provide a broad spectrum of services over a range of different industries, it may seem unsurprising to read that some of our current clients utilize more than just our service of social media advertising management to enrich their online presence, build traffic and convert visits into sales.

We have decided to limit our number of clients in this particular area, so your business will be provided with a more exclusive service, especially since some of our current clients have seasonal peaks that require detailed attention during this period.

do it your way!

Some clients want to learn the foundation of how to market efficiency via social media, then work on the account themselves. 

After listening to your business case, we provide a tailored training course for our clients, with a follow-up session within a scheduled time-frame.