Social Media Workshops
and Mentoring

Time is limited, we mentor business owners with social media channels that work with their personality, work balance and how to manage their time.

Social media event mentoring

Most social media channels are fluid, meaning you can post and attract nearby potential customers to your location within minutes of updating.

If you are running an event, we can mentor how to incorporate social media into your event timeline.  Most event planning can start around six months prior,  so don’t forgot to let us know so we can work within your time frame and budget.

We can also come to your event and manage your social media accounts if you want to just focus on running your business!

Group workshops

Group workshops will continue to run online, until further notice!

At this stage, I am only running face to face group workshops in English.  This includes workshops with municipalities and business events.

I have conducted corporate workshops online previously, however since I customise all workshops to tailor for the company’s needs, I prefer everyone at each location to be in the same room, especially since my main clients are not English speakers.

Online mentoring

The most basic mentoring program we run is an hour-long session, listening to your social media needs, followed by the tailored mentoring session, then we work on a checklist for a follow-up and feedback session.  This is popular for new influencers and sole-trader businesses.

Our more comprehensive mentoring sessions start with a timeline and can include a swot analysis, third-party software and analytical programs.  These are more for businesses looking to grow their online presences via several social media channels and looking to advertise via social media.