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On July 5, 2025, at around 10.52 p.m., a cataclysmic disaster happened in the vicinity of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) site.  The city of Geneva was wiped off the map, as well as several towns within the blast zone. A small Youtube channel, called Justin Time, correctly predicted an interplanetary portal has opened that could lead to an invasion of our planet.
The Earth is currently not united to deal with a massive alien invasion, with ongoing military disputes threatening to envelop the world into a third global conflict.  Will the world come together to withstand its impending existential doom or is the world already too divided?

Over the years, Bob Smith, an ex-special forces soldier with years of combat operational experience has become bored with his peaceful life.  A married man with a teenage son and a steady full-time job is determined to have one final adventure.  He gets approval to escort his best friend and astrobiologist into the unknown world beyond the portal, with the task is to protect the German exploration team.
Could this mission be his last?


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